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New partnerships and focus on the territory

Lugano, February 21, 2023 –Scuderia Classiche GmbH is pleased to announce the addition of new prestigious partners in preparation for the much-anticipated 1000 Miglia Warm Up Switzerland event, which will be held in Ticino from May 5 to May 7, starting from Lugano. Notably, significant collaborations have been formed with the Swiss Automobile Club (ACS), Franciacorta Consortium, Commercial Professional Center of Chiasso, Fontana Print SA, Mendrisiotto Turismo, and Lugano Region.

The tour on Saturday, May 5, will feature the Mendrisiotto area, with numerous stops and entertainment for guests. The decision to engage the local area is deliberate: Scuderia Classiche GmbH places great emphasis on enhancing local products and excellence through the organization of events where cultural, gastronomic, and touristic aspects are combined with a passion for motoring.

The 1000 Miglia Warm Up Switzerland is indeed an event that, beyond the route, also includes the participation of numerous vintage cars, an exhibition dedicated to the history of motoring, and a series of side events including meetings with drivers and owners of vintage cars, local product tastings, and much more.

Concurrently, another prominent automotive event, the Lugano Elegance vintage car beauty contest, will take place in the beautiful setting of downtown Lugano. The city on the shores of Lake Ceresio is thus preparing to host a weekend dedicated to automotive culture, providing an opportunity for visitors to admire some of the most beautiful and iconic vehicles in the history of motoring. “Lugano Elegance 2023 promises to be even more impressive this year,” says organizer Massimo Albertini, “offering the public and participants an unforgettable experience surrounded by about fifty marvelous vintage cars that will undoubtedly challenge a jury composed of international experts.”

The addition of the new partner ACS Automobile Club Svizzero marks a significant step for the 1000 Miglia Warm Up Switzerland event, affirming the importance of such events for the region. The partnership with the Franciacorta Consortium allows offering participants a high-quality tasting experience. The Commercial Professional Center of Chiasso provides necessary organizational support for the event, while Fontana Print SA will handle the printing of promotional materials.

Mendrisiotto Turismo and Lugano Region are both significant partners and play a crucial role in promoting the Region. Collaborating with these partners allows offering participants a comprehensive experience that combines a passion for motoring with the discovery of a territory rich in history, culture, and natural beauty.

Scuderia Classiche GmbH thanks all partners for their valuable collaboration and invites motoring enthusiasts and experts to participate in the 1000 Miglia Warm Up Switzerland event, a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of motoring and explore the charm of the Swiss territory.


For more information and to register for the event, please contact Scuderia Classiche GmbH at

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